The Value of Customer Feedback – how market research can help your business

Customer feedback is so important. Even if you feel you have a good understanding of what your customers need and want, make sure you keep an up-to-date view as we live in a dynamic world with rapidly changing trends and demands. If you’re not able to move with the market, you leave the door open to your competitors. Not only could you fail to reach your full potential, but you may see a decline in your existing business. Whether you’re selling products or services, customer feedback can give you a strong USP (unique selling point), give you a competitive edge and increase your customer base. Here’s how it can help you.

The Loft Studio

The Loft Studio THE project The Loft Studio is based in London and offer classes in over 40 locations across the city. Their inclusive classes enable you to learn from top industry experts online or in-studio. They specialise in dance, acting, singing, musical theatre, comedy, art, writing, communication skills, filmmaking and photography classes for adults.  […]


Vibevans THE project The brief was to create a brand identity and multiple deliverables for a charitable organisation named Vibevans. To raise money they want to organise a half marathon run in Bristol between breweries, with runners having the opportunity for a quick “refreshment” at each venue. The event will be directed towards young adults, […]

Hhot Sauce

Hhot Sauce – Packaging Design THE BRIEF The brief was to design a brand and label for The World’s Hottest Hot Sauce.  The artwork needed to clearly illustrate what the product was, but to stand out from other hot sauces already available and be memorable. The design concept was a lot of fun and was […]


Logos SOME logo DESIGNS Below are some examples of some logos I have worked on to give you a flavour of the variety of my work.

Fordhall Farm Events – Branding

Fordhall Farm Events – Branding & Web Design THE BRIEF Following the design of their bar for use at The Ashes in Edgbaston, Fordhall Farm Events asked if I could design a new portfolio for them to help when promoting themselves for new business.  They had had a portfolio in the past, but wanted a […]


Cooma – Logo & Packaging Design THE BRIEF Cooma is the concept for an online subscription of bespoke cocktails in a can. Their target market is 18-30 year olds.  Cooma were looking for a brand for their service as well as different can designs for their Classic Mojito and Margarita cocktails.  They wanted an identity […]

No. 32 Nottingham

No. 32 Nottingham THE project The brief was to create a logo for a new artisan bakery and supporting branded items to be used across the bakery.  As No. 32 is a small independent bakery the logo was designed to give that friendly personal feel which customers could instantly relate to.

Fordhall Farm Events

Fordhall Farm Events – Bar Design THE BRIEF The brief for the initial project was to create the artwork for a bar which would be used at The Ashes at Edgbaston.  The team were looking for something which reflected the values and branding used by Fordhall Farm, but to have a look which was different […]