Branding can be as simple as a logo design, but for many businesses this will include the broader visual identity including design elements such as colour, typography, illustration, iconography, patterns, photography and videography. It should even include the style of wording you use and the layout of your materials.

Branding needs to take into account all the different touchpoints your client has with you across the buying journey to ensure consistency and maintain your identity and messaging. Everything your customer sees builds a story and an image!

Re-branding is often followed by companies to help give a fresh look which gives the opportunity for a re-launch, to reflect changes in the market and trends, or to reflect changes within their business and target market.

I’m here to help ensure your company the very best branding to help make you stand out from the crowd.

Print & Digital Design

This is where I get to be really creative! All marketing materials, either in print or digital form, need to be eye-catching in order to impress your customers. The right use of imagery and the right layout you can instantly engage your audience. It needs to appeal to your target audience and illustrate who you are and what you have to offer.

Design can be for digital mediums such as websites, pdf’s, social media and digital ads, or for printed items such as flyers, brochures, posters, signage and other similar materials. This is where we bring flat two-dimensional visuals to life!

Packaging Artwork

First impressions count when trying to appeal to new customers, so your product packaging needs to be clear and stand out from the crowd. You need to get noticed!

Packaging comes in so many forms; bottles, cans, tubes, boxes, bags and pouches.  Packaging designs can be for a single product or for multiple products which to sit side-by-side to form a range.

My approach looks beyond the label and container artwork, and includes the peripheral details in the packaging design to give that wow factor!

Web Design & Build

Your website is often the first insight your customers will get into your business, or it will be the location they go to if they want to learn more about you. You need a website which will get you noticed and leaves target customers wanting to engage further with you!

It will need to reflect who your business is, clearly illustrate what you offer, be easy to navigate, and align with your branding guidelines to help retain your brand identity.

I can design and build a beautiful website for you which encapsulates your character and gets your message across to your customers instantly.

Brand & Market Strategy

Knowing your target market, understanding your competition and having a clear value proposition are crucial elements when starting to build your brand strategy. These form the foundations to your brand identity, but without using these to create a well thought out brand strategy you can only go so far.

Your brand is so much more than simply your name, your logo, your products and your website. Ultimately your marketing strategy will generate interest and help customers feel connected, helping to grow your revenue.

With an MBA behind me I can help create a strategy which will add value to your portfolio and really help elevate your business.