food & drink photography

Whether your photos are to be used on your website, social media or within marketing materials, they all need to connect and they need to portray the products and food you’re promoting in their best light.

The correct styling, composition and lighting can really elevate your photos and give your business a boost. Images can be light and fresh, or dark and moody. They can portray a homely and more traditional feel, or a sense of luxury and decadence.

Share your story

Create imagery which not only shows off your produce, but also shows who you are. Let your personality come across and draw people in.

Let's take things further

Showcase your products

So how does it work?

The first step will always be a discussion so I can learn more about your business, your photography project, the style of image you’d like to achieve and how you’re going to use your photographs. Feel free to send me images you’ve seen online which you particularly like, and examples of your previous photographs for reference.

I have a wide collection of photographic backdrops and props to select from. If you already have specific props (such as plates, napkins, serving dishes or chopping boards) you’d like me to incorporate then that’s brilliant, just send them along too!

Where does it all happen?

I have my own photographic studio and you’re welcome to send your food products to me to photograph here. You can drop them off if you’re local or send them through the post.

I’ll set up the scene based on our discussions and send you the first couple of photographs to double check you’re happy with the styling. Once you give me the go-ahead I’ll continue to photograph the rest.

I’m also happy to travel to you. Especially important if you have your own cafe or restaurant and want to incorporate that into the background to show the setting you provide to your guests. This will no doubt mean you have an array of props to select from but I can also bring some of my own to help supplement those!