Fordhall Farm Events - Bar Design


The brief for the initial project was to create the artwork for a bar which would be used at The Ashes at Edgbaston.  The team were looking for something which reflected the values and branding used by Fordhall Farm, but to have a look which was different to the other food and bar kiosks.

After developing a few different concepts we narrowed it down to a hand-drawn illustration of the trailer itself, set initially on the farm and then leading through to it’s use at the event itself creating a storyline.  This helped emphasise their unique selling point of having the direct link to the farm, the personal touch they bring and their character.

Whilst working on the design I also created some additional farm characters to compliment and extend the illustrations they were already using through Fordhall Farm.

The upper parts of the bar were kept as simple and bold as possible to ensure customers could see what was on offer at a distance and attract them across.

The graphics for the menu board were created to align with the menus of the other Fordhall Farm Event trailers to help create the link and include consistency.

It was great working with Ben, Hannah and James from Fordhall Farm Events.  The project was a lot of fun!  

Fordhall Farm Events have since contracted me to design a new promotional portfolio for them.  This incorporated a full branding program with a logo, branding guidelines and a dedicated website.  To see further details of these please visit the project page within my portfolio.