Cooma - Logo & Packaging Design


Cooma is the concept for an online subscription of bespoke cocktails in a can. Their target market is 18-30 year olds.  Cooma were looking for a brand for their service as well as different can designs for their Classic Mojito and Margarita cocktails.  They wanted an identity which made their cocktails look fun and desirable. They also wanted their branding and packaging designs to reflect their values; fun, friendly, exciting and bold.

The design incorporated bright eye-catching colours which change across each can. The Cooma logo incorporated a tree frog as a mascot which also appears on their signature Classic Mojito packaging design. The logo can sit in front of any bold colour background and can directly incorporate these colours into the logo itself to help emphasise the bold look when the brand is presented away from the packaging. More cocktail designs to come!


Once you have your brand concept the imagery you use with it makes all the difference to how your product is presented and received.

Make sure it’s eye-catching, memorable and resonates with your target audience!