Fordhall Farm Events - Branding & Web Design


Following the design of their bar for use at The Ashes in Edgbaston, Fordhall Farm Events asked if I could design a new portfolio for them to help when promoting themselves for new business.  They had had a portfolio in the past, but wanted a new fresh look.  Once I started working through this with them I realised that they were following the branding guidelines from Fordhall Farm, but didn’t have any branding of their own. No clear name and no logo.

We worked together to define a business name; Fordhall Farm Events.  As their concessions management business stems from Fordhall Farm and one of their USP’s is the sourcing of their meat from the farm, I designed a logo which would sit alongside the existing farm logo.  The branding within the portfolio used an expanded range of the colour scheme to help give a more defined and corporate feel whilst retaining the integrity of their history.

As we worked through the portfolio concept their team realised they didn’t have a dedicated website and felt it could be confusing for customers receiving the portfolio.  Although timelines were already tight, Ben Hollins asked if I could design and launch a website in parallel to help support the portfolio. There were a few late nights but I managed it and we were all really pleased with the finished articles!

As Fordhall Farm Events provide food and drinks concession management for large events, such as at The Commonwealth Games, Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, Cheltenham Races and Crufts, the cover of the portfolio was designed to illustrate some of the sporting and agricultural events they attend to help engage with their target audience.

The layout of their new website was designed to compliment the layout and content within the Fordhall Farm Events promotional portfolio.  The images and wording were selected to show the strength of their offering, the professionalism behind their company, but also the character Ben and his team have as they deliver high-quality food with a friendly and approachable customer service.